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our Acne cream is dermatologically tested & is proven to clear existing pimples and help prevent new ones from forming,it is scientifically formulated to provide an instant cover for existing blemishes and its 24 hour control works in your skin for long after the application, so you get clearer skin every day.

  • It functions as cleaning deep inside the pores to remove dirt, unclog the pores and adjust the PH of skin with its specialized formula.
  •  Known to clear pimples and begins to clear acne in 3 day
  • Its great for both male and female skin types & is suitable to use,both day and night.


Usage : pump once and apply on cleansed skin day & night .

Ingredients : Deionized water,ip clean hx,1.3 butanedial,squalane,kooctyl palmote,ispropyl,myristate,ami metyglycine ceteargl glucoside,glycerinum polydimethyisiloxane,salicylic acid,saphais root extract,hydranton,dl-menthol and tea tree oil.

Size: 50mls/100gms

There are no side effects to this cream

Clinically proven to clear even the most stubborn products

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2 reviews for ACNE CREAM

  1. Homairah

    My go to overnight pimple miracle clearing cream PS : love the sting you can just feel it work

  2. Kat

    This makeover cream and exfoliating cleanser totally cleared my acne and marks : i personally also use it every morning as a primer it totally shuts the pores for me

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