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The Makeover GlutaShe ( includes a complimentary vit c ) 

A breakthrough Glutathione + Made specifically for common female concerns by the laser skin specialist (made in Switzerland ) ?

Features : Cell regeneration and reform with  ingredient (Alpine Rose stem cells extracts ) combined with more than 16 kinds

of best & natural herb extracts to help your skin glow, Brighten , Whiten leaving you looking healthier within 7-10 days .

Our GlutaShe is rejuvenating, refreshing, youthful, reduces acne, freckles, skin and is a brilliant way to tighten the skin & bust.

Our GlutaShe is also very helpful for menstruation and restores a healthy uterus . Our GlutaShe Restores healthy skin cells from the inside out.

Rose extract has been recognized around the world to work best for skin / cell regeneration in cosmetics and dietary supplements.

L-Glutathione: a innovate vitamin, glutathione is a great miracle substance for the body.

Helps with boosting immunity, Removes toxic free radicals and also builds & repairs skin cells , Reduces the pigment melanin.

Also contains Collagen: a natural protein thats helps your skin to tighten, firm up , moisturises , increase skin density(a healthy amount of collagen and protein for strong/firm skin ) ,reduces wrinkles & flabby tummy. Is also Calcium-fortified to help with hair, bones and nails.

The glutashe reduces acne, freckles and dark spots. gets rid of  bad breath , body odor & v smell.

Ingredient (Barbed grass): v tightening ,increases flexibility , fit & firm & healthy womb.

Mimusops : stimulates blood circulation.

Ginger: promotes immunity and a normal menstrual cycle.

Red pomegranate seeds: Features bright glowing skin .

Anti-oxidants : Slowing down ageing & Menopause hormones.

Titanium dioxide: natural sunblock/prevention from sunburn .

Korean Ginseng: skin rejuvenating and antiaging properties better body Circulation (pumps blood better)

Grape Seed Extract & Pine Bark.Vitamin C Anti-oxidants & helps Build collagen ,

Inhibits melanin production ,Complements the work of glutathione in the body .

Clearer &  whiter  skin

Not advisable for children and pregnant women.

How to Take:  daily 1/2 capsules before sleep.

For those who have a womb problem ,

during the first week there may be a v discharge or odor however do not worry because the body has to detox toxins out. Eliminates residues inside the uterus to clean the body &

return it to good health .

The result proof as …

3 days : you will smell fresher

5-7 days : reduction in body , V & underarms smell .

15 days : body & tummy will start to tighten & notice smoother skin .

30 days : heal women disorder, reduce melasma , also Skin brightening / whitening.

Also helps cysts, pcos, a clean & clear womb, helps women hormones balance, improves  and heals golden age hormones.

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  1. azraa

    I dont think i know what period pains are anymore this pink pill is a blessing babe

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