Mesoheal Bamboo Sheet Mask


MESOHEAL MESOTHERAPY POST-TREATMENT CARE MASK specially designed to accelerate the recovery of the skin immediately after the mesotherapy such as dermaroller or dermapen ( mirconeedle) as well as to protect the skin from possibleinflammations. This sheet mask is made of ultra-thin material of bamboo fiber???? This material has international safety certification Oeko-TexStandart 100 and does not cause allergies at all. The surface of the tissue is so tender that it can be applied even to irritated skin.

The mask’s fabric is soaked with a unique composition that includes gilauronic acid and β-GLUCAN. Concentration and proportions of the composition are specially selected to make skin care in the first days after the mesotherapy as effective as possible.

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This mask is good not only for after-mesotherapy care, but also for everyday use. Its most important advantages are:

???? Protection against skin drying and ensuring optimal hydration.

???? Removal of skin irritation.

???? Protection from scab formation.

???? Prevention of edema and bruising.

???? Improving of skin shape, giving it smoothness.

???? Protection against infection.

???? Maintenance of normal skin oil content.

???? Protection from the formation of hyperpigmented areas.

After treatment leave the mask for 10 to 20 mins and remove gently .
Leave in and massage into the face of the remaining essence .


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